Energy efficiency and renewable energy Professionals

Every property is different. Our Solar team will guide you through every step to discuss your energy needs and goals. From the start of planning to end with receiving the Solar Tax Credit, LightDay Solar will be with every customer through each step. 

 Leader of energy efficiency in greater arizona


EV Charging Solution Lighting Retrofit to LED Energy Audit

Energy-efficient upgrades help businesses in Arizona save thousands of dollars a year and reduce operating costs. Rebates from utility companies' energy efficiency program allow upgrades to be even more affordable!

We also offer services for emergency power systems and for installation of charging stations of electric vehicles.



LightDay Solar will execute solutions to reduce your carbon footprint in the environment no matter how big or small your property is. 

Our experienced residential EERE team offers solutions to reduce or eliminate your electric cost by installing Solar Photovoltaic panels and battery backup system. Battery backup system is critical in meeting the energy needs of off-grid customers. We also offer services to integrate your home to charge your electric vehicles.