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12 reasons to choose lightdaysolar


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1.  More than a solar installer, we are a vertically-integrated, full-capability, and customized solar solutions provider approaching 300 jobs installed (20+ years combined experience)

2.  Full suite of project management services, offering complete support from project start to end: in submitting for permits, utility rebates, city inspection, and utility inspection

3. Business model focused on sustainable growth, strong community relationships, and educational resources for promoting energy independence 

4.  We offer best-in-class, American-made products that are continually improved upon based on our industry experience and close relationships with product developers

5.  Our skilled team receives ongoing education and training to continually develop and improve its ability to serve you

6.  We make financing easy, with flexible payment options, residential lease and payment programs, and investment tax credits

7.  Sustainable, local sourcing allows us to keep costs low, support our fellow American business partners, and pass savings directly to the customer

8.  Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed, and we provide generous referral incentives to encourage new business and cultivate our reputation

9.  Integrated project management software and communication applications ensure punctuality, transparency and accountability, and accurate completion of client projects

10. We follow eco-friendly best practices which ensure that our business is always serving the interests of the environment

11. We're here to stay for a long time. With our proven history and financial strength as a debt free company, you will have the confidence to choose LightDay Solar instead of worrying if our business will exist years down the road. As a recipient of numerous "Solar Incentive Rebates","Energy Incentive Rebates" from local utility companies and payments from our customers, for the next 18 years (As of December 2016), LightDay solar will be with you through the lifetime of your solar system!

12. We genuinely care about our customers! We genuinely love our customers. If you go ahead and purchase a solar system through us, either for your house or your business, don’t be surprised if we call you up out of the blue and just ask you, “How is your solar system going? Has it met yours expectations? Do you have any questions that you wish to ask us in regards to the operation of your solar power system?” We are a local company where you can come and visit our office any time!