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As a Trade Alliance, LightDay Solar focuses on providing services to make a property energy efficient. Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to provide the same or more service for the same energy input. Below are examples of becoming energy efficient:


LED bulbs and fixtures can retrofit your fluorescent light bulbs or HID lighting, and provide the same or better lighting output for less energy used. The life of LED is much longer without reduction of light output than existing fluorescent and HID lighting, and thus, less maintenance is required, and significantly reduces the operating costs.

EC Motors
Electronically Commutated Motor (EC Motor), also known as Brushless DC Electric Motors, is being used for refrigeration and HVAC. EC Motors can use dramatic reduction of its  power usage compared with conventional AC motors. Because of its built-in controller, the speed of the motor can be easily controlled. Evaporator Fan motor in walkin coolers, in food case freezers, and display case coolers & freezers, HVAC condensor fan is easily replaced by EC motor, Utility rebates help business customer retrofit existing AC motors.

VFD, variable frequency driver, also called variable speed driver (VSD), is widely being used to control existing AC motor from 1/4 hp to 200 hp motors. The frequency of electricity in US is 60Hz. Change in the frequency also change speed of motor. For example, if you change the frequency of electricity from 60 to 30 Hz by VFD, the speed of motor is reduced by 1/2. The decrease in speed of the motor reduces electricity usage to 12.5%, (1/2)*3. In general, equipment manufacturer installs larger size of motor than required. Thus, when you reduce speed of motor to 80% with VFD, the equipment would work fine as needed, and its electric usage would be reduced to 51.2%, (0.8)*3. With utiltiy's rebates, LightDay Solar can help business customers install VFDs and save.

At LightDay Solar, our goal is to help you achieve the most energy efficient facility. Depending on the size of your facility, we can provide an energy audit even before implement of energy efficient measures! For more information, please inquire below:

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